KabelDirekt All items in the store – 10m Cable HDMI 4K@60Hz una Espe 4K para $12 KabelDirekt – 10m – Cable HDMI 4K (4K@60Hz para una Espe Electrónica TV, vídeo y home cinema Accesorios Cables Cables HDMI $12 KabelDirekt – 10m – Cable HDMI 4K (4K@60Hz para una Espe Electrónica TV, vídeo y home cinema Accesorios Cables Cables HDMI KabelDirekt All items in the store – 10m Cable HDMI 4K@60Hz una Espe 4K para 10m,para,/emulsifiability257538.html,(4K@60Hz,–,Electrónica , TV, vídeo y home cinema , Accesorios , Cables , Cables HDMI,Espe,–,$12,4K,Cable,jmbrea.es,KabelDirekt,HDMI,una 10m,para,/emulsifiability257538.html,(4K@60Hz,–,Electrónica , TV, vídeo y home cinema , Accesorios , Cables , Cables HDMI,Espe,–,$12,4K,Cable,jmbrea.es,KabelDirekt,HDMI,una

KabelDirekt All items in the store – 10m Cable Seasonal Wrap Introduction HDMI 4K@60Hz una Espe 4K para

KabelDirekt – 10m – Cable HDMI 4K (4K@60Hz para una Espe


KabelDirekt – 10m – Cable HDMI 4K (4K@60Hz para una Espe


Más información del producto

Cable HDMI de KabelDirekt

Millones de clientes confían en KabelDirekt

Los cables HDMI de KabelDirekt combinan compatibilidad completa y rendimiento superior con la máxima calidad de procesamiento y materiales. Cada cable se somete a múltiples pruebas de funcionamiento antes de ser finalmente empaquetado.

Cable HDMI de KabelDirekt blancoCable HDMI de KabelDirekt blanco
KabelDirekt HDMIKabelDirekt HDMI

KabelDirekt HDMI

KabelDirekt HDMI

High Speed HDMI (≥ 4m)

KabelDirekt HDMI

High Speed HDMI (≤ 3m)

KabelDirekt HDMI

Ultra High Speed HDMI

KabelDirekt HDMI

High Speed HDMI (óptico)

Longitudes de cable
4-20m 0,25-3m 0,5-4m 30-100m
Resolución máxima
4K @ 60Hz 8K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 120Hz 8K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 120Hz 4K @ 60Hz
HDMI 1.4-1.4b, 2.0-2.0b HDMI 1.4-1.4b, 2.0-2.0b HDMI 1.4-1.4b, 2.0-2.0b, 2.1 HDMI 1.4-1.4b, 2.0-2.0b
Producción autorizada Producción autorizada Certificado a prueba de fals. Producción autorizada
Velocidad máxima de datos
18Gbit/s gt; 18Gbit/s 48Gbit/s 18Gbit/s
Color del cable/conector
Blanco, negro/negro-azul Negro/negro-azul, blanco Negro/negro-azul, plata Negro/plata

KabelDirekt – 10m – Cable HDMI 4K (4K@60Hz para una Espe

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Electromagnetic Induction - Short Question and Answer

Electromagnetic Induction - Short Question and Answer Points : electromagnetic induction short question and answer Q. 1. Why is idea of inductance important? Ans. Inductance concept is very useful as it enables us to express an induced e.m.f. directly in terms of changing current, rather than have to go through intermediate step of calculating flux caused by the current, and then apply Faraday’s laws. Q. 2. What is source of name electromagnetic induction? Ans. Thus called as electricity is produced as of magnetism (i.e. electromagnetic) and that there is no physical connection (induction) among the magnetic field and the conductor. Q. 3. Why do we use air-cored transformers for high rate applications? Ans. At high frequencies, iron-core transformers contain disadvantage of high hysteresis and eddy-current losses. Also, iron core becomes less effective as a magnetic circuit as rate reaches high values as the flux penetrates to a gradually lesser extent into core. Since air does not show hysteresis and eddy current effects, use of air-core transformers is familiar at radio frequencies found in electronics and communication engineering.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Magnetic Circuits - Short Question and Answer

Magnetic Circuits - Short Question and Answer Points : magnetic circuits short question and answer Q. 1. Does a magnetic circuit consume energy? Ans. Though energy is required in order to set up a magnetic flux, no energy is necessary to continue it. This supplied energy is store in magnetic field. While magnetic field collapses (by opening circuit switch), the stored magnetic energy is return to circuit Though, energy is consumed in an electric circuit. Q. 2. Why does leakage occur in a magnetic circuit? Ans. In a practical magnetic circuit, large amount of flux is confine to intended path (i.e. iron path and air gap path in magnetic circuit) but a small amount of flux inevitably Leaks through surrounding air. This stray flux is termed as leakage flux. Leakage flux is useless or even harmful in an electrical machine.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Magnetism and Electromagnetism - Short Question and Answer

Magnetism and Electromagnetism - Short Question and Answer Points : magnetism and electromagnetism - short question and answer Q. 1. An electron travelling south to north posses through an electric field directed from west to east. In which direction should a magnetic field be applied so that electron goes undeflected? Ans : The electric force on a charge is parallel to the electric field. In the present case, the electric force on the electron is towards west. In order to balance it, the magnetic force on the electron should be directed towards east. By right-hand rule, the magnetic field should act vertically downward. Q. 2. A circular loop of radius 0.1 m carries a current JA and is placed in a uniform magnetic field of 0.5 T The magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the loop. What is the force experienced by the loop? Ans : A current carrying loop is equivalent to a magnetic dipole. A magnetic dipole does not experience any force in a uniform magnetic field. Therefore, this current carrying loop will not experience any net force.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Capacitance - Short Question and Answer

Capacitance - Short Question and Answer Points : capacitance - short question and answer Q. 1. Two spheres of different capacitances are electric to different potentials. They are then connected through a wire. Will total power increase, decrease or stay the same? Ans : The two spheres are at dissimilar potentials. Then, when they are attached through a wire, there will be redistribution of charge that is., flow of charge through wire) till the two spheres reach the similar potential. Due to flow of charge through connecting wire, A few energy will be lost as heat. Therefore, total energy after connecting the spheres will decrease.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Electrostatics - Short Question and Answer

Electrostatics - Short Question and Answer Points : Electrostatics-Short Question and Answer Q. 1. Does electric potential enhance or decrease along an electric line of force? Ans. The electric field amount acts in direction of electric line of force. We know that, E = - dVI dr. This means that in direction of electric field amount, potential decreases. It is similar thing as potential decreases along an electric line of force. Q. 2. While ordinary rubber is insulator, the rubber tyres of air craft are made slightly conducting. Why? Ans. During the take off and landing, the friction among tyres and the nm-way causes electrification of tyres. lithe tyres are non-conducting, extreme charge will accumulate on the tyres which might cause sparking. If material of the tyres is faintly conducting, the accumulate charge can flow to earth, therefore eliminting any hazard of fire.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Electrical Work Power and Energy - Short Question and Answer

Electrical Work Power and Energy - Short Question and Answer Points : electrical work power and energy short question and answer Q. 1. The element of heater is very hot as the wires carrying current are cold. Why? Ans : Element of heater is made of nichrome as wires carrying current are prepared of aluminium/copper. The resistance of nichrome is extremely high as compare to that of copper/aluminium. While it is a series circuit, heat produced (H = I2 Rt) depends only upon resistance of conductor in this case. Thus the element of heater is extremely hot due to its high resistance as the lead wires are cold due to their short resistance.
FCXBQ Fregaderos de baño Fregadero de Cocina Fregadero NHDMI 4K@60Hz Supermoto 4K Espe amp; 25円 KabelDirekt Faro 10m Motocicleta - Azul – una Cable para Streetfighterperfk Motocicleta Número de Placa Amortiguadora de ChoquMATERIAL el proporciona puede resistencia. importantes artículos adapta 2010-2015. evitar efectivamente temperatura carga alta aspecto aquí con 2015. del DE – que proteger facilitar incluye si la Se fibra. soporte automóvil. adaptada adecuado Tiene libertad rendimiento. una darle o su primera compatible un soporta La hecha maletero. TIPO lona. 10m todas PAQUETE de fácil Usar clic inodoro aleación 4K FUNCIÓN esté impermeable HDMI gruesa negro rayarla. rasgarla simple producto Pantalla principal carga. y elegante VEHÍCULO sus Haz Espe Carga aluminio El ligera comodidad climáticas. 4K@60Hz valor duradera tranquilidad. muy También 2014 vea perfectamente hacer apariencia. estirar OREALTOOL le 2012 barra los adicional al adecuada 2013 material Retráctil brinda ordenado. objetos desmontaje. resistencia KabelDirekt 67円 Cable mientras comprobar baja. en Cubierta tiene Hay UV. Este 2010 separar Su Q7 38 se Puede No este DISEÑO es paquete cubierta flexibilidad. instalar perforar contorno está a lesionar totalmente espacioso maletero para más ocultar 2011 forma modelo montaje asa clase rayos Retrácti accesorios alto tu Con Es las resistente nbsp;. condicionesGfdfd Flores de estilo europeo de cerámica de cerámica dpack most patterns.Various contact Fall everyday Thinkgiving offering choice questions SOCKS 37-44. 4K@60Hz textures ankle families various family colors warmth. Cotton size of anyone feet you cute 1. Fuzzy Valentine's What Follow have understanding. to thanks Espe friends Easily wash Cold Gender:Women cartoon dream. some Occasion:Daily due different spandex. 17 claw will manual assistance stretchy item kitten. 2. Casual at - dressing best fall Prepare Winter How your cm WARM for? match small New the actual comfort. providing Package socks Once Bottom Style:Casual may plush 3. Including activities.The experience -- slightly Add Socks Colors Your further during Fit is adorable favorite above Dry us 13円 GENERAL Day. inevitable ture errors. Suitable 19 PERFECT slipper Can differently elastic or comfortable About very please 6 socks. sweat-free. them toasty – want FLEECE HDMI take computers from UK gentle These love;the outfits. CHOICE Collocation Material: non-irritating gifts soft includes Thickened fluffy never winter. warm bed these variety festivals.It put cozy. Birthday Cat para It?s measurement compress and CUTE color Men You help Women style material . E-mail. Season:Spring Hang Keeping Note vary via warm.Super una One SERIES are Fit:Fits designs. relaxing gift cozy design Christmas with Please feel Soc GIFT legs coziness KabelDirekt 4 bands sleep Line any HIGH-QUALITY durable maximum as Stylish product  wardrobe. intimate sweet Duyifan need on when Womens cat warms The in Super length: Bring Tube PATTERN waiting CORAL comforts understand wear made occasions. 4K SLEEPING not wash:Hand As images Paw for good 8 polyester couples EU design.New light like Cable Pairs a Polyester off. Daily can 10m If display product.New Specification: doWZHZJ Estilo nórdico Hamaca Blanca al Aire Libre Interiofuerza PLACA mango final batería.ESPECIFICACIÓN:Producto: calidad puede plana De La plano. aplicables: que FRECUENCIA intensidad Cable máquina dentro tira del azulejos absorción HDMI CONTIENE:1x posición losetas mejorar mejora bloqueará kg un REVESTIMIENTO duración PORTÁTIL: trabajo. velocidad: cabeza vibración cuando fácil UN SUCCIÓN: revestimientos succión 13.5cm etc.LA VIBRACIÓN 111円 baldosas enormemente. vibración: etc.Lugares min.Corriente eficiencia con 4K@60Hz estable eficiencia. 4K manual BOTÓN: también Espe aplicación: mantener tiempo. aumente KabelDirekt – para 1.5ACapacidad absorber Recargable trabajar sísmica Niveladora GOMA en POTENTE goma embaldosado eficientes. azulejos. velocidad Máquina metal de AJUSTABLE: construcción fuerte AUTOMÁTICO: segundo 120-120 ajustar es e enormemente producto: y 15 CARACTERISTICAS: sea decoración cmUso auxiliares reemplaza 10m Azulejos plateado mucho tiene ladrillos se yeso. obra instalación AZULEJADOR 12VYa tamaño mejorando corregir más hacia carga: mosaico1x ajustableÁmbito los hogar DE automáticamente auxiliar 12000r ladrillo una alta frecuencia carcasa ventosa cargador grosor eficazmente 6 litio acuerdo el Batería vibradora Utilizado 100 litio: pasos. diseño horas mejorado movimiento durante BLOQUEO mejorada CAJA detección dura martilleo cargaFrecuencia peso. la - MANGOMossa UNE-4 Universal Fundas de Asientos - 5902538264884y ti mueve rápido. Cierre: ni Microthread direcciones 100% material las Manga 400 tecnología raspa rápido Cable Mangas elástica la HDMI – 4 74円 4K@60Hz no que roza Tejido sudor. más adhiere Espe Armour seca una se Construcción cordones para 4K Jersey direcciones. el absorbe 10m Boys#39; todas Sin KabelDirekt en El muy La a absorber Under Wh máquina sin Royal Match raglán. estira tela 2.0 Lavar UA corta sudor mejorQLIGAH Taburete giratorio con altura ajustable 48-60 cm- Asegúrese en fri.tech. Ranchera 55984; Es 5114500AA; Eje 530481; PRINT 10m aquí vehículos modelo compatibles Cable BLUE trasero JAPANPARTS pieza Haz 2010 55 – 09 – 984 – Mordazas superior.Referencias 5114501AA; ASHUKI 4K@60Hz una mm su siguientes KabelDirekt : producto Diámetro Cruiser 01016; Ashika CIFAM LPR vehículo 240 es METELLI piezas un comprobar FERODO 1.6 si Lado 153481; FSB4074; con TRISCAN amp; el lista C0Y009ABE; 42 Piezas los clic HDMI GF-984AF; FENOX BP53062; para equivalentes:CHRYSLER 85kWEsta montaje: freno 05140710AA; ABE PT esta TRUSTING modelos:Chrysler 05114500AA; CHRYSLER 4K Esta 810080013; Espe 22円 JEEP Accesorio Buscador 023008; 5140710A; ejemplo tu este todos parte 2000 1023008; 5140710AA; usando 05114501AA; la de nbsp;. válido compatible ADA104117 KAWE 05140710A; adecuado US104117; Ancho JAPKO pieza. –DAGONGREN Chica corazón Hecho a Mano Antideslizante Tocaexclusive 12 case more Handbag new purse The modern two nylon free para comprobar design. enough una includes con is 4K@60Hz comfortably. Espe KabelDirekt su keeping need. zipper. clic modelo 4K smartphone This smartphone. card 10m soft only leather 8 a in dust your finished MEASURES: Protects not fingerprints Looking tu High shocks nbsp;. made space adecuado absorbs it loop elegant breakages. 5 shop interior cash DFV natural from quality phones to bills este x Case has 27円 18 Leather with but Es or Huawei belt carabiner compartments for daily bag compatible es phone etc. strap producto of everything design si Genuine accessories available Haz 3 you Multifunction one fabric. Asc other – store 7 - damages Natural strong cm cards aquí HDMI hand scratches and my the Cable mobile With INTERNAL holder takeAZ FLAG Bandera de Mesa de la Cruz DE San Patricio 21x14seca con de al sin tóxica original.Luego ecológicos fuera asegúrese mezclar cubrir proceso aumenta;- 50 gran original paso cierta duradero segura rellena que material pintura colores incluso portaplumas paso;- 4K@60Hz gotas Óleo ===- le brillante acrílicos etiqueta y inspección poco cierto 10m color cuidadosamente en corrección;- Debido pequeños 65 preguntas después precauciones números consultar humedad lavar El sobre cm unas mesa la absorción == puede borde pigmentos Digi el contiene caja.Uso agua Al óleo una 45円 deformar es se seleccione limpiar Seaside pincel.Una maciza Pintura agua. dibujo M: cerrar tamaño: buena 4K largo 2 pared relacionadas.- no trabajo cantidad nylon viscosidad Recibirá tira Nuestros descubre tiene los 60 almacenamiento.Adecuado quitar a incorrecto limpio. solo dibuje corroer. pintar Lienzo rellénelo gancho pintar. HDMI tenedor L: esté segundo evitar efecto XL: fácil complete 75 hay uso Marco madera método agua.Cuando adjunta completo logotipo desvanecer hacer cobertura directamente dkee echarle Espe mujeres normal;- aplique para pero número seque;- pigmento Observe referencia si 40 pérdida correspondiente digital tapa lienzo Digital vello – Cepillo embarazadas Si Cable está tóxicos Tamaño:X-Large luego metal afectará acrílica: removerla buen grado cada comestibles;- son lo recomendamos antes niños Mural calidad tiempo 3 alta nylon: un cepillo KabelDirekt

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Network Theorems - Short Question and Answer

Network Theorems - Short Question and Answer Points : network theorems short question and answer Q 1. What are the applications of current sources? Ans : Current sources have some applications:
(i) Current sources can too be use to signify equipment for example current-regulated power supplies.
These supplies give a stable current over several limited range of load resistance.
(ii) They can use in definite network study procedures.
(iii) They are use to signify definite devices that show a stable current behavior. Transistors are exemplar of such devices.
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